Viles Arboretum Art Trail

Viles Arboretum Art Trail


Viles Arboretum's Art Trail creates a bridge to our botanical collections and natural environs through art. Explore featured artists as you walk along the walking trails. 

It's primary goal is to introduce visitors to the interplay between art and nature, enhance the educational experience, and create a public space for inspiration.

Most of the pieces are for sale, as noted on the signs located at each sculpture.  Ten percent of the sale price is retained by and supports the work of the Arboretum. Please come to the Visitor's Center for any questions about art work purchases and if you would like to become a featured artist.


If you are an artist, consider joining our Celebrating Art Symposium, October 5th-7th from 9am to 3pm. Contact Amber at the Visitor's Center for more information at 207-626-7989 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


 Located on Hospital Street at the  Arboretum entrance:

BANG! by Robert Lash 





 Robert Lash; steel; price upon  request.







Sculptures located near the Visitor Center:

 Leila, by Dan Ucci 






 Dan Ucci; granite; price upon request.







  (Picture Coming Soon)  LINE TOTEM     Tim Shay; Sullivan granite; $6,000


Head, by Hugh Lassen 




 Hugh Lassen; granite; $8,000






  (Picture Coming Soon)  ATOLL  David Curry; Jay granite and micaceous quartzsite; $30,000


Penn, Jason, Ally, John, and Maya, by William Jacobs



 Penn, Jason, Ally, John, and Maya   William Jacobs; Maine Granite; $550, $450,  $500,  $350, and $275




 Autumn Hills, by William Royall





 William L. Royall;  Heritage Valley  Micaceous quartzite;  $30,000








Bench with Curves, by Jordan Smith





 Jordan Smith; Heritage Valley  quartzsite; $16,000





 (Picture Coming Soon) K-9   David Curry; Oak Hill quartzsite; $2,000



The Storm, by William Royall







 William L. Royall; Heritage Valley quartzsite;  Not for sale, permanent Viles Arboretum  collection, a gift from Elsie Viles in honor of  her husband, William Viles.







Bird by Bird, by Elise Marie Faris



 Bird by Bird

 Elise Marie Faris; Steel







 Meditation, Randall






 David Randall; marble;  $16,500











The Head, by David Sywalski





 David Sywalski; Chandler Bay granite;      $150,000








Art on the trails:  Outer Loop Trail


Ataraxia, by David Curry







 David Curry; Absolute Black  Granite;  $15,000







 Viles Pond Trail

Through the Rectangle, by Jordan Smith







 Jordan Smith; granite and glacial boulder;    $14,000








Eye of the Birch, Isabel Kelley




 Isabel Kelley; granite; $17,000







SOLIUM, by Andreas von Huene




 Andreas von Huenen; gneiss,  ironwood,  stainless steel frame, quartzite  base;  $17,000





Exploding Boulder, by Paul Kozak




 Paul Kozak, granite; Price Upon Request





Nut Tree Collection Trail

Cloud Roller, by Andreas von Huene





 Andreas von Huene;  $65,000





Andreas von Huene;  White granite; $8,400


Ordered Chaos, by Richard Watson





 Ordered Chaos

 Richard Watson; Stone;  :    Price:  “Tthe joy  of the experience.” For me,  stone work is all  about doing it and including  the people like  you I meet in the process.






  (Picture Comine Soon) CURIOSITY   Digby Veevers-Carter; bronze. $12,800