The Viles Arboretum's Board of Directors:

President: Kathleen Leyden
Vice President: Casey Hynes
Treasurer: Jen Smith 
Secretary:  Bernie Slofer
Dean Corner
Meghan Loubier
Sammee Quong
Hillary Schultz
A Few Words from the Board....
"I volunteer to serve on the Viles Board because I enjoy walking the trails.  I want to offer assistance to the organization that provides a large green space in Augusta and serves my needs and those of hundreds of area residents in many ways." (Dean Corner)
"It has been an extremely rewarding and personally satisfying experience working with the dedicated Arboretum staff, Board of Directors and other Volunteers over the past 14 years. Together we have created, and are now trying to preserve, a very special outdoor environment where a variety of activities can be experienced and enjoyed." (Bernie Slofer)