Arboretum Collections & Landscape Ecology


Central to the theme of our mission are our botanical collections from all around the world.  Two dozen collections present a wealth of interesting trees and plants for visitors to view in every stage of their ecological and seasonal lives.  With botanical labels identifying genus, species and family, our collections provide endless opportunity for everything from the academic study to the home gardener researching new additions to acquire. 
The landscape ecology of our 224 acres offers some of the very best natural history observing in Maine.  From the second longest wetland boardwalk in the state where bird watching and photography opportunities abound to our fields and forest habitat, habitat exploration, adventure and the simple pleasure of unwinding all present themselves. Here too along the trails you will find many of our trees labeled to help you identify our Maine natives.
Over time, we have plans to add to existing collections and to establish entirely new collections.  If you have an idea for a collection, drop by our Visitors Center and let us know.  A climate change collection of fast growing poplars is one such idea.  A plantation of poplars could include interpretive information about the role trees play in capturing carbon from our atmosphere.  Such a plantation could offer everyone a better idea of just how much carbon trees remove from the atmosphere, over how many years and even how all of this might relate to burning a tank of petroleum based gasoline in our car.
Our existing collections include: 

- Community Forestry Collection

- Conifer Collection

- Governors' Grove

- American Chestnut Collection 

- Daughters of the American Revolution Collection 

Lilac Collection

Hosta Garden

Larch Collection

- Space Shuttle Pines

- Green Ash Collection

- Ellis Island Sycamores

- Nut Collection

- Oak Collection

Quarry Ledge Rock Garden 

Maps are available at the Trail Head Kiosk and the Arboretum Visitor Center.